Fiber & Grain…the blending of two crafts

As an avid fan of both knitting and fresh craft-brewed beer, I began to see similarities in the two crafts. My first inclination to connect the two was an unexpected question that popped into my mind… “What beer should I drink while knitting a black wool, simple rib sweater?” The answer, at the time, was a bock beer from Anchor Steam Brewing Company.

Since that seed was planted in my poor brain, I haven’t been able to let go of it and my book project was born. After reading Chris O’Brien’s book, Fermenting Revolution: How to drink beer and save the world, I realized my book project needed to include homebrewing. In “A Knitter’s Guide to Beer” I will compare the craft of knitting to the craft of brewing, with the goal of showing how well the two go together and how both genders should feel equally comfortable in both crafts.

This project is currently in the early stages, but will hopefully progress at a steady pace… so long as I can take time away from my knitting, homebrewing, and brewpub research to get in some writing time. Housecleaning and meal preparation will most likely have to take a back seat.

-Jenne Hiigel


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