Will Knit for Beer…

We don’t happen have piles of excess money lying around our house to use for random projects, so when my idea to start homebrewing kicked in I realized I would have to find a way to earn the $300-ish for the equipment needed to get started. I could get away with spending less if I wanted to do malt-extract brewing, but that doesn’t interest me. I want to brew from the actual grain, which requires an additional boiling kettle and a lauter tun.

Yesterday I started earning my homebrew equipment money by teaching knitting. I taught a class on making this beaded scarf.

Waterfall Beaded Scarf

It’s the Waterfall Beaded Scarf by Jane Davis that originally appeared in the Dec 2001 edition of Beadwork Magazine. It’s a great project to try your hand at beaded knitting. The scarf in the picture was knitted by Kandra Norsigian. The body of the scarf is a simple rib pattern with the bead design on each end. The scarf is knit in two halves, starting at the beaded end, and grafted together in the middle. You can buy a kit directly from Kandra that includes yarn, beads and instructions

By teaching this class I was able to acquire almost half of the money I’ll need for my homebrew equipment. Rather than “Will Knit for Beer”, I guess I should be saying “Will Teach Knitting for Homebrewing Equipment.”

-Jenne Hiigel


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