Concept Statement #1…

I’m working on my book proposal for A Knitter’s Guide to Beer using Elizabeth Lyon’s book, Non-Fiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write as a guide. After the Title Page (which was reasonably easy to get done), the next item is the Concept Statement. This statement should tell the publisher, the bookseller, and ultimately the book reader why they should buy my book. It should generate excitement about the subject, clearly describe the book and its market, the benefits and cool features of the book and tell a bit about the author.  And I have to do this in less than 250 words; preferably closer to 50-100 words.

That’s a lot to accomplish in not many words! It’s a helpful process, though, and has caused me to work on fine-tuning the focus and goal of my book.  I’ll most likely go through several drafts of my concept statement over the course of writing my book proposal. Here’s the first one I came up with:

It’s time to toss all current-day stereotypes to the wind and make room for a new generation of knitters, brewers and beer drinkers. The typical image of Granny drinking a cup of tea while knitting should be packed away. Sometimes Granny wants a beer while she’s knitting. Or perhaps Granny is teaching her grandson to knit while she’s brewing a batch of beer. 

A Knitter’s Guide to Beer will compare the similarities between knitting and brewing, the history both genders have in each craft, and the benefits of bringing these two crafts back into our homes and our communities. Written by Jenne Hiigel; a former knit shop owner, a new homebrewer and a follower of the revival of the craft brew industry since 1980 – through her husband’s work as a Beer Specialist.

That’s 132 words. It comes real close to conveying what I hope to accomplish with my book, but it’s not perfect yet. I think I need to come up with several versions of a concept statement before I settle on one. I’ll call this one Concept Statement #1.

-Jenne Hiigel


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