We Are Not Alone…

At our knitting group/pub venture on Dec 10th (Sorry I haven’t written in a while. The holidays distracted me.), Karen arrived at the Black Sheep Bar & Grill first and claimed our table at the front window of the pub with some great lighting. This was our second group venture into combining beer and knitting, and so far the lighting for knitting has been excellent. Looking around the pub it’s clear that Karen did a great job of selecting our seats, but it also gives me hope that we don’t always need to wear flashlight headgear in order to knit in a bar.

The waitress asked if Karen was part of the regular knitting group that comes in on Mondays. Well, this took her (and us) by surprise. As long-time residents of San Luis Obispo County and active participants in the fiber arts, particularly in knitting, weaving, and spinning, we have heard about most of the regular groups that meet around the county. How is it that we had not heard about a group that meets at this pub in the heart of our downtown? I guess we need to get out more!

It turns out that the group she mentioned meets every other Monday and they were at the pub the previous Monday, so they wouldn’t be coming in. I sensed a slight disappointment in our group that we weren’t the true trailblazers that we thought we were, but that was shortlived as we wondered who those other knitters were! We’ll have to come on the correct Monday sometime and encourage them in their venture.

It’s always a kick to be part of a true Zeitgeist movement. We are not alone in our desire for something besides coffee or tea to drink while we knit. After a bit of discussion about which beer to order, our group of seven held up our glasses and toasted our evening of knitting, beer and conversation. For some reason the feeling of celebration would not have been the same if we had been using teacups and coffee mugs for our toast. (I may have to pursue the reasons for this in a later post.)

It was another great evening of beer and knitting, and we all agreed we should do it again. And to all of you knitters that are already out there combining knitting and beer, you are not alone and we hope to meet up with you someday. Prost!

-Jenne Hiigel


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