It’s time to start brewing…

Shortly after Christmas I received a notice that my sister and brother-in-law had gotten me a gift subscription to Brew Your Own magazine. Over a week ago I placed an online order for two beer-related books – Beer & Philosophy and Sacred & Herbal Healing Beers. And last week I finally placed my order for homebrewing equipment with Northern Brewer.

Yesterday I came home from work to find that my homebrew equipment, book order, and first issue of Brew Your Own magazine had all arrived on the same day! It definitely felt like a beer kismet/destiny kind of thing going on. The message was quite clear. It’s time to start brewing.

Before opening my shipment of homebrew equipment, I did what any reasonable beer lover would do and started with a glass of fresh, craft brewed beer – in this case, Anchor Steam Beer. Good stuff!

After much study and contemplation, I ended up going with the Deluxe Starter Kit from Northern Brewer, plus an 8 gallon brew kettle and a wort chiller. I had been advised to get a quality brew kettle from the start of at least 7 gallons, so I made that a priority. I had also read that a wort chiller is extremely helpful when making all-grain beer to improve the flavor and clarity of the finished beer, so I decided to get that up-front as well.

I really wanted to get their Deluxe All-Grain System with a mash/lauter tun set up, but I had already spent my wad… so that purchase would have to wait. I’ll need to start rebuilding my homebrew piggy bank before I can get my mash/lauter tun set up.

The only thing I need now are the actual ingredients. This weekend will include a trip to our local homebrew shop for my first kit. My first batch of homebrewed beer is just on the horizon. I hope it ends up drinkable!

-Jenne Hiigel


One thought on “It’s time to start brewing…

  1. Good luck on brewing your own. I’m far from doing all grain brewing, since it’s cheaper initially to do extract brewing. But someday it would be nice to go that route (maybe after another nice wad of Christmas gift money…)

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