Concept Statement #2…

When I wrote my first attempt at a Concept Statement (see previous posts) for my book A Knitter’s Guide to Beer I did it too soon, according to Elizabeth Lyon. Since the Concept Statement is the second item in the book proposal after the Title Page, I figured it was the second thing I should write (after the Title Page). Well… I was wrong. The Concept Statement is Chapter SIX in her book Non-Fiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write. I was supposed to write the sections on Competition and About The Author before trying to summarize my book.

Okay, okay. I’ve done that now. So let’s give the Concept Statement another shot. I’ll call this one Concept Statement #2:

Knitting was historically a male craft. Brewing was a female craft. Somewhere along the way the gender roles for each craft switched, which explains why both genders are drawn to both crafts… and rightfully so! The processes of knitting and brewing are soul enriching and allow for limitless creativity. Pull out your needles and yarn, grab a pint of craft-brewed beer, and fire up the brew kettle.

A Knitter’s Guide to Beer will inspire and empower you to add brewing and/or knitting to your stock of craft skills, explains the wide variety of beer styles and flavors available, discusses the features of a bar or brewpub that makes it more knitter-friendly, and gives several suggestions for knitting project and beer pairing – to enhance your enjoyment of both. Written by Jenne Hiigel; homebrewer, former knit shop owner, and a follower of the revival of the craft brew industry since 1980.

My first batch of homebrew (a Porter) is fermenting nicely. One more week in the primary fermentor and then it will be time to transfer it to the secondary fermentor. I’m finding that patience is just as important in brewing as it is in knitting!

-Jenne Hiigel

One thought on “Concept Statement #2…

  1. Me, I wouldn’t say “explains why both genders are drawn”, I think everyone is entitled to be drawn to pretty much anything, no explanation needed. I would be more likely to write “It’s still no surprise that members of both genders are drawn to both crafts.”

    I do like the attitude that you expect people to want to add to their stock of craft skills. Some things that need to get done require a brew kettle, some things that need to get done require knitting needles, some things that need to get done require a table saw. It’s all about skills, and the more the better.

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