Secondary Fermentation…

Yesterday I moved my porter from my primary fermentor to the secondary fermentor. I’d gotten different opinions regarding the secondary fermentor. Some said it really wasn’t necessary and that you could bottle the beer straight from the primary. Others said it was best to get the beer off the trub (settled yeast at the bottom of the fermentor) at the two week mark or you would get “off flavors.” I decided to go ahead and transfer my beer to a secondary.

The process went smoothly and didn’t take long. I sanitized everything and my auto-siphon gadget worked great. Two more weeks of fermentation and it’ll be time to bottle.

We had another Beer & Knitting night last Wednesday. This time we went to Novo, which is more of a restaurant than a bar. I was curious to find out how well it would work for us to casually knit and snack in a place that intended to turn their tables more regularly.

We’ve been selecting Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights for Beer & Knitting partly because it’s easier for us to find a table and not feel pressured to leave because of the crowds, and partly out of consideration for the business so we aren’t taking up space on a busy night. So far it’s been working out well and Novo was no exception.

We were expecting 6-8 people to attend. I found that bars can handle approximate numbers better than restaurants. Restaurants prefer a more exact number for your party. Novo took care of us very well anyway. They found a slightly secluded location that really worked out great.

There ended up being six of us. Novo has a great beer selection and an incredible Salmon Bisque. I had the Green Flash IPA and others had the Harviestoun Old Engine Oil SR, Unibroue Ephemere, and Stone Brewing Arrogant Bastard. All really good beers! For desert I switched to ice cream and port. I love port and Novo has a good selection.

Our cost per person was higher than usual at Novo, due to the fact that everything is so darn yummy and the cost of each item is just a bit more than the other places we’ve gone to so far. We ended up staying at Novo for about three hours and had a great time. We’re beginning to wonder if it’s possible to have a bad Beer & Knitting experience. We’ll have to keep testing to find out.

One thing I have to suggest strongly to all knitters it to be sure to tip your waitstaff well. If you’re going to take up a table for an extended length of time, it’s important to properly compensate your waiter. I try to tip in the 30% range on a Beer & Knitting night. The service we got at Novo was fantastic and our waitress deserved the extra compensation. I’d like to see knitter’s get known for being good tippers.

-Jenne Hiigel


One thought on “Secondary Fermentation…

  1. Jenne, I am amazed at your beer recall! If I didn’t bring the bottle home to show the husband, I probably wouldn’t remember even what I had!

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