Porter #2 is in the fermentor…

My first batch of Porter is done, but not gone. After I found a few people who actually liked the beer far more than I did, I tasted my Porter again with a different perspective. Clearly nothing has gone wrong with the beer. It was a successful homebrew with no off-flavors. The aroma, which I can only attribute to the dry yeast I used, is something I just don’t care for. So I shall continue to work to improve my beer.

My second batch of Porter has been in the fermentor for two days now and the yeast is bubbling away. It’s such a beautiful sight to see the yeast doing its job so well! This beer is an extract/grain clone recipe of Fuller’s London Porter, a very yummy English Porter. This beer used a liquid yeast and steeped more grain for a longer period at a specific temperature, with a brief sparging at the end of the steeping.

My second attempt at brewing went much smoother than my first one. The ball valve on my brew kettle still leaked slightly in the beginning, but it was slow enough to just slip a heat-proof bowl under and move on to the brewing. The wort was smelling really good as I brewed and I just love smelling and adding the hops, this time it was Kent Golding hops.

The only glitch came when I was trying to chill my wort from boiling temperature down to about 75 degrees. I have a wort chiller that works great, but when the outside temperature is 94 degrees and inside our house is 80 degrees, it’s hard to get anything down to 75. I got close enough though, pitched my yeast, aerated my wort (shook it up real hard with the yeast in it), and put my faith in the yeast’s ability to do it’s job. By the next morning the fermentor was bubbling beautifully.

I’ve got real good vibes about this batch of beer. It’s smelling good and feeling good. I think I’ll be a bit more anxious to try a finished bottle of this Porter.

We have another Beer & Knitting night planned for this Wednesday. This time my fellow knitting/beer drinkers were nudging me to hurry up and set another date for a gathering. It’s great to see so much enthusiasm!

-Jenne Hiigel


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