Beer & Knitting Night…

Wow! It’s looking like Beer & Knitting Night is starting to catch on. Tonight we all met at The Clubhouse at This Old House in San Luis Obispo.

I was expecting the usual 6-10 knitters to show up for some knitting, beer, snacks, and conversation. My son Lewis and his girlfriend Sara came with me and we arrived about a half hour late. We walked into a room with a very large table of knitters, as the staff was adding yet another table to the end. At final count I think we had 23 attendees. Several people looked at me and said, “Jenne, look what you’ve created!” It was pretty cool. Everyone was having a great time.

There were many familiar faces from previous Beer & Knitting nights, but a lot of new attendees – most of whom I knew from other knit groups and knitting activities, and some new faces as well. Conversation was not a problem, yarn was plentiful, projects were admired, beer was flowing and the food kept coming. We even got a bit of knitting done!

My reason for starting Beer & Knitting Night was two-fold. First was to research the qualities of a pub, bar or restaurant that complimented the knitting process and made it comfortable for knitters to go there for beer & knitting. The second reason was to see how many knitters were also interested in beer.

Tonight I clearly got the answer to my second question. Many knitters definitely like beer. Even though not everyone was drinking beer (some were drinking wine, mixed drinks, or soda), they all found the celebratory atmosphere of beer drinking appealing.

As far as my first question goes, I’m getting more and more clues about what makes a good beer joint also a good knit joint. The management’s ability to be flexible and enjoy the festive nature of the gathering makes a huge difference. Good lighting and a reasonable noise level (of music or other distractions) are critical. I’m finding that knitters can be pretty flexible with seating arrangements, although tables with chairs are still better than booths or bar stools.

It was a great night and a pleasure to behold such enthusiasm for both crafts. Our research is still not done (hopefully it won’t ever be), so there will be more Beer & Knitting nights in the future. Anne Gough, owner of the knit shop Yarns at the Adobe, suggested we have a beer potluck on her patio behind her yarn shop sometime soon. We’ll definitely have to work that into the schedule.

For anyone thinking of starting a Beer & Knitting group in their own neighborhood, I would definitely recommend it.

-Jenne Hiigel

6 thoughts on “Beer & Knitting Night…

  1. Beer and knitting–what a fabulous combination! My local knitting group has stuck with the coffee-and-knitting combination for the most part, but I’m sure I could convince them to give beer a try. Now the trick is find a meeting place that has good lighting and isn’t smoky–and won’t mind some crazy knitters hanging about!

  2. The group we went to used to have beer night. My youngest daughter couldn’t go, because it was at a bar. So they switched it to a coffee house.

  3. For our Beer & Knitting nights, we always go to a place that serves food as well as alcohol so minors aren’t excluded. At our gathering described above, my 19-year-old son was able to come because we were at a restaurant. If it’s strictly an over 21 knitting group, then an alcohol-only bar might be fine. But you can still have a beer night that includes minors by selecting a location that also serves food… and the availability of food is also better for the beer drinkers. 🙂

  4. wow not sure drinkers should have pointy knittting needles and knitting and drinking and then drive home lol omaeve aka the disabled knitter

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