Beer, Surfboards, Knitting, Writing…

My time and energy of late has been taken up by the move of the store where I work, Central Coast Surfboards. We only moved three blocks, but a move is still a move… and not something I care to do very often. Our new shop is awesome and things are settling down a bit now that the move is behind us.

I’m looking forward to having more energy outside of work, so I can get back on track with my knitting, brewing, and writing. I have a smoked porter in the secondary fermentor and will be bottling that batch in a week. Next up on my brewing schedule is a repeat of batch #2, which is a clone recipe for Fuller’s London Porter. After that, I’m considering branching off to another beer style.

Beer & Knitting research is continuing. We had a good turnout for Beer & Knitting night at Yarns… at the Adobe on July 12th. My husband, Chuck, brought a wonderful selection of beers, along with his extensive knowledge of beer and industry history. I brought my homebrewed porter and Carrie brought her homebrewed meads. We even managed to fit in a little knitting!

Preparations have begun for the Cuesta College Writer’s Conference, which is always a wonderful motivator for me to get serious about writing. I’m the lead volunteer for the conference, so I always start focusing on the event a couple of months in advance.

My knitting projects have been leaning on the simple side… the kind where you can chat, watch a movie, or get interrupted without losing track of where you are. As soon as I can handle it again, I’ll add a project or two that require a bit of brain function.

My walking to work activity has switched from reading to spinning with a drop spindle. I love working directly with the fiber, especially the wool I got at a farmer’s market in Madison, Wisconsin. If only it were legal to drink a beer on the way home from work!

-Jenne Hiigel