The Fog Begins To Clear…

About a week after I came to the conclusion that I would be writing my book primarily for knitters, I had lunch with a co-worker of mine who is not a knitter. I started explaining to him what my book was about; what brewing and knitting have in common, that I would be explaining the flavor differences between beer styles to make it easier to select a beer you might like, the effect that age and mishandling of beer can have on flavor and aroma (he was not aware that beer is a perishable product), why it’s important to drink beer out of a proper glass, and so on. By the time our lunch break was over he was very enthusiastic. He said, “I want to read your book!”

So… after struggling for months and then finally finding an epiphany that seemed to hold my answer, it’s clear that things continue to evolve. My book will be for knitters… and for anyone else who wants to learn more about beer, increase their enjoyment of the beer they drink, and expand their horizons in new beer directions. My book will also be about knitting. Not in the how-to sense, but in the heart and soul sense.

Now that my audience has become even clearer, I’ll take another stab at the Concept Statement for my book. Here’s Concept Statement #4:

Which beers do you like? Which ones do you dislike? Do you know why?

Through the harmonious pairing of knitting and brewing, A Knitter’s Guide to Beer will help you understand the various flavor components of beer, how to match beer styles to your current preferences, the importance of considering your mood when selecting a beer, the benefits using the proper glassware, the effect of age and mishandling on flavor and aroma, and the joys of being adventurous and delving into new beer territory.

Jenne Hiigel combines her knowledge of beer with her skills in knitting and homebrewing to enhance your appreciation of both crafts. Pull up a chair, grab your yarn and needles, pour yourself a beer and let’s get started. And remember… when in doubt, drink Pale Ale when knitting socks.

My Alaskan Smoked Porter clone turned out quite nice. It took almost a month before the carbonation was worthy, but now it’s a beer I can be proud of. I’m down to just a handful of bottles of my Fuller’s London Porter clone, so I brewed another batch a few days ago. This could very well be my session beer.

Now that I’m satisfied with my Porter brewing, I’m ready to branch off into new territory. I think I need hops. Lots of hops. It’s time to look for some IPA recipes.

Our local Writer’s Conference is coming up in less than a month. That conference always inspires me to get serious about my writing… again. This time it could stick.

-Jenne Hiigel