Concept Statement #5…

I’ve learned a lot about how I want to approach my book from the six Beer & Knitting classes I recently taught. It’s not a huge change from my last outline, but I think I’m now able to write the book in a more useful and readable format.

As I update my book plans, my Concept Statement has to follow suit. So here it is. My current crack at my Concept Statement. This one is #5:

Not so long ago choosing a beer was a relatively easy task. That’s no longer the case. The explosion of craft breweries, along with an ever-increasing number of beer styles, has left many people standing dazed and confused in front of the beer section of the liquor store.

Relax. Help is here. In her book A Knitter’s Guide to Beer, Jenne Hiigel will explain the flavor characteristics of the main beer styles, show you how to make sense of the information on a beer label, and inspire you to explore beer in new directions. Pull up a chair, grab your yarn and needles, pour yourself a beer and let’s get started. And remember… when in doubt, drink Pale Ale when knitting socks.

I think I’m getting closer!

-Jenne Hiigel