Satisfaction From Making It Yourself…

“We have somehow built a culture that assumes making or fixing almost anything is somebody else’s business. There may be relief in having someone else make, do, and fix most items in our households, but there is little long-term satisfaction in such an approach to life”

-Philip Ackerman-Leist, Up Tunket Road

Re-reading this passage today, the words rang true in my soul. As a knitter and homebrewer, I couldn’t agree more with this statement. After a recent homebrewing session with our neighbors Tim & Brandi, who also provided an amazing dinner, it was clear that making and fixing things yourself brings deep, long-term satisfaction.

Even the projects that don’t turn out provide lasting and important lessons. While Tim was teaching his friend Brandon how to brew, he was explaining how sometimes a batch can go bad. Since I had a batch do just that and still had bottles left, I brought one over and we watched the beer gush and foam immediately upon removal of the cap. A great lesson that would not have been possible if I hadn’t brewed a bad batch of beer.

To top off a great afternoon and evening, Brandi had made creme brulee. Maintaining the spirit of “do it yourself,” torching the sugar was quite fun.

-Jenne Hiigel