Homebrewers Conference…San Diego

I just got back from the annual conference of the American Homebrewers Association.  The last time I attended with my hubby was in 1983-BK (before kids). It was time to go again, especially since it was taking place in San Diego, CA (a mere 6 hour drive from SLO) and since the year is now 2011-AK (after kids).

What a fun trip! Three full days of immersion in beer and brewing, alongside other people who have the same passion. Informative and inspiring workshops, great beer, good conversation, and ideas sparking all over the place for both my book and my next batch of beer. There was one other knitting/brewer that I noticed, which was darn cool.

But I have to tell you the absolute best part of this conference. It was the gender ratio as it relates to the bathrooms. As a woman, I’m used to having to wait in line for the bathroom while the men just waltz in and out of theirs. That didn’t happen this time. The men were lining up out the door at their bathroom while I waltzed in and out of the women’s room with no wait at all. The few women that were in the bathroom were enjoying the lack of a line as much as I was.

So…if you want to attend an awesome event, and are a woman who would like to experience no waiting at the bathroom while the line at the men’s room grows, with increased grumbling from them along with it, be sure to attend the next AHA conference in Seattle!

-Jenne Hiigel