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Knitting has been a passion of mine for many years. The fibers, the garments, the portability, the colors, the textures…all of these are qualities of the craft that I appreciate. After teaching knitting for many years, I managed to open a knitting shop in downtown San Luis Obispo, CA. I was able to keep that going for five years before I had to close up shop and get a “real” job that could pay the bills. It was a great five years, though!

Somewhere along the way, knitting became part of who I am. Through the craft I came to see the world a bit differently. I saw how the ability to make things with one’s hands empowers people, makes them feel capable, makes them feel creative. In a world of mindless consumerism, this is extremely important.

Combine this with an interest in beer and the craft brewing revival (due to a passion of my husband’s that rubbed off on me), my ongoing research about medicine and more effective alternatives, and my generally rebellious and skeptical nature, and pretty soon it started to make sense (at least in my mind) to put them all together into a book. A book that inspires people to question common assumptions and encourages them to take charge of the course of their lives.

My book was originally titled, “A Knitter’s Guide to Beer”. It has since been revised to, “Unschooled Path: Doing, Listening, Collaborating, & Connecting”. We’ll see where it heads from here.

I officially started this project in the fall of 2007 and have yet to set a deadline for completion. I’m getting closer, though. Perhaps another five years, or maybe longer. I’m thinking perhaps 2022. Enjoying the process is what matters most, just like with knitting.

Jenne Hiigel


2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hi Jenne,

    How cool to find your blog and get updates on your knitting life. I miss knitting at Linnaea’s with you!

    Take care,
    Ali Beug

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