Getting my website & blog freshened up…

You probably received an email update from this blog with posts from 2007! Sorry if that was confusing. I’ve been cleaning up my blog and doing that apparently triggered an update send. Oh, computers. The things they do that we didn’t ask them to do. An update is definitely in order, but it’s probably better to get one from 2019, rather than 2007.

Regarding my book project A Knitter’s Guide to Beer, that project has been shelved for good…for a variety of reasons, but primarily for health reasons – mine and yours. My updated book project Unschooled Path: Doing, Listening, Collaborating & Connecting is still active, although it has been on the shelf for a while. In time I will bring it down, dust it off, and get back on track.

On my website, I’ve just published my first newsletter called Lemon Balm Times. I started this newsletter to share some things I’ve been learning over the years about the value of individual action to empower and heal yourself, and the ripple effects when that action inspires others. Take a peek at the website when you have a minute, and let me know what you think.

I will be replacing this blog with a fresh one in the next couple of days, because I can’t figure out how to get the reference to A Knitter’s Guide to Beer off the email updates. I don’t want to confuse people or get their hopes up that that book might some day get written (‘cuz it won’t…at least not by me). My website will have updated links to all of my blogs as the changes get made.

Thanks for your interest in my projects! Life is an amazing ride. No telling where it will lead, but it always seems to be someplace worthwhile.

-Jenne Hiigel